A unique and flexible method for plotting a novel that even pantsers will love. In The Sticky Note Plot Process, David Macinnis Gill uses his hands-on, adaptive method of generating a plot and developing active characters to take you from the first glimmer of a story idea all the way to a polished draft.

“I can teach anyone how to finish a novel. 

Well, maybe not anyone, but anyone who has the desire and the drive to be published, especially if that anyone is a committed pantser who has started several novels only to lose steam. Or anyone who has completed a couple of novels only to be told that their characters do things for no reason and that the plots are episodic. Or anyone who is already published (sometimes to acclaim) but is stuck in the middle of a book that they can’t finish.

The method I use? It’s called the Sticky Note Plot process, and I’ve been teaching for several years at the Vermont College of Fine Art WCYA MFA program, as well as to participants at writers conferences. It helps novice writers, as well as seasoned veterans, get a handle on big picture structure and character arcs. It then leads them through revision techniques to deepen characterization, expand thematic connections, and make the pages turn.”

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